Cayman SPC

VIKASA Capital Global SPC is domiciled in Cayman Island and licensed by the Cayman Island Financial Authority as a Segregated Portfolio Company. VIKASA Capital Global SPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of VIKASA Capital.

cayman spc3

Segregated Portfolio Companies, or ‘SPC’s, are a widely used investment vehicle first started in the Cayman Islands. SPCS are very effective at reducing costs while minimizing liabilities.

SPC cells are a cost-efficent vehicle for offshore investments for every asset class, open and closed end fund strcutures as well.

An SPC is a single legal entity whose assets and liabilities can be allocated to different cells or segregated portfolios within the company. Where assets have been allocated to a particular segregated portfolio, those assets are held as a separate fund which is not part of the general assets of the company itself. Any asset which attaches to a particular segregated portfolio is not available to meet liabilities of the SPC or any of the other segregated portfolios.

The SPC can accommodate most investment vehicles including open and close-ended funds as well as direct investment.