Protected Cell Company

VIKASA Capital Global PCC is a designated GBC 1 Company in the Republic of Mauritius by the Financial Services Commission. VIKASA Capital Global PCC is a Protected Cell Company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of VIKASA Capital.

PCC chart

Protected Cell Companies, or ”PCC”s, are a widely used investment vehicle used to maximize efficiency and minimize liability.

A PCC is a single legal entity comprised of a core, and a number of segregated parts, or “cells”. VIKASA provides regulatory and operating capital through the core. This structure creates a legal segregation of the PCC’s assets and liabilities into a number of different cells and a central core. Each cell is completely independent and separate from the other cells, as well as from the core of the company. The undertakings of one cell have no bearing on the other cells.

VIKASA Global PCC can accommodate most non-India investments through both open and close ended fund structures as well as direct investment opportunities. The PCC approach provides a cost effective vehicle for international exposure.


As the PCC is domiciled in Mauritius, all investment routed through the structure are afforded the benefits of Mauritius’ global network of Dual Tax Treaties and Agreements and as a favorable tax jurisdiction. Mauritius is the ideal platform for investing into India as well as Africa.