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Separately Managed Accounts can often be a preferable vehicle for institutions as well as an accredited investor.

An advantage of an SMA is to allocate specifically designed exposure based on the total portfolio. The assets can be designed to complement the existing portfolio. Diversification is critical to the health of a portfolio.

SMAs can also serve as a natural hedge against liquidity concerns of funds. A segregated account allow the investor to fully understand their allocation.

VIKASA Capital can design SMAs specific to needs of institutions and accredited investors.

In the wake of the financial crisis, transparency has become even more important to clients. With SMAs, advisers and clients see their actual holdings. They also receive full details on fees. This level of transparency lets high-quality asset managers prove their worth.

VIKASA Emerging Markets Fund

VIKASA seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing into stock markets of emerging markets. We utilize a risk-managed strategy to harness the demographic and economic expansion in select markets.